Middle America Needs a Voice Too

middle ground photo
Columbia Journalism Review has an article today about something new for the bulk of America called “Kickstarting Coverage of Middle America” by Naomi Sharp.  National Public Radio (NPR) is a great source of straight news and information. However, one of the regular complaints is that coverage tends to focus on America’s coastal cities.  Celeste Headlee wants to change that. She wants to start a program that actually focuses on middle America called Middle Ground, specifically ignoring news from Los Angeles, New York, NY, Washington D.C., etc.  To do so she’s asking to audience to help fund the startup through kickstarter.

Middle Ground is definitely a program we need.   It’s not just NPR, national news in general tends to focus on the coasts over the majority of American Geography in the middle of the nation.     Not only would a project like this serve our area, if it’s successful it could lead to more Mid-America focused journalism efforts.

While times are tough for us all and the holidays are just around the corner please consider donating what you can to help get this project started.    Every amount is welcome and it’s easy to do (you can give as little as $1.00) at their Kickstarter Campaign.

While there are those who will hear the words “National Public Radio” and think left wing propaganda they are way off the mark. Few if any people who feel this way actually listened to NPR, and those few that did listened to it from the perspective of someone who only listens to the right-wing on the air.  We know a number of people who are solidly on the right-wing that are regular NPR listeners because they gave it a legitimate chance and they want real news.  Don’t let what others tell you make up your mind.  Give NPR a chance in general and check out an example of what the Middle Ground can be here.

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